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AvansAnimation - Master voltijd Den Bosch
This one-year Master of Animation is directed towards realizing your creative potential. You will learn to critically and creatively integrate innovatory studio work with theoretical principles.
AvansEcology Futures - Master uitstroomprofiel voltijd Den Bosch
The two-year graduation track Ecology Futures focuses on the role of new media art. And design research in interpreting, analyzing, critiquing, experiencing and visualizing ecological degradation.
AvansSituated Design - Master uitstroomprofiel voltijd Den Bosch
The graduation track Situated Design recognizes you as a distinct presence in the world. You immerse in modern discourses and focus on prevailing conditions, situated knowledge and design practices.
AvansVisual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice - Master uitstroomprofiel voltijd Den Bosch
With the graduation track Visual Arts you develop intellectual and practical skills to redefine your practice. In a research environment that connects cultural studies, visual and digital cultures.