CentER Graduate School for Economics and Business

CentER is a world-class research institute that draws on the academic expertise of some of the most outstanding minds in the field of economics and business.

CentER is an integral part of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management and covers all research areas in economics and business.

Research is spread over eight research groups. The Graduate School offers full-fledged five-year PhD Programs in Business and in Economics, incorporating course work and dissertation work. CentER Applied Research is the centre for market-oriented made-to-measure products.

CentER's goal is to be an innovative research institute in Economics and Business where excellent research can develop and prosper. In this fashion, CentER aims to stay at the European top-3 level and to reach a world top-20 level in both economics and business.

CentER focuses on fundamental research although societal embedded research is encouraged as well. Societal developments and societal questions are an inspiration to our scholars translating research topics to society.


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CentER Graduate School for Economics and Business



CentER Graduate School for Economics and Business